Finally, A worthwhile announcement.

Our first game is under way! It goes by the name of: Jacob’s Highway: Highway to the Moon. As the name suggests, it stars Jacob, a stunt biker with a penchant for adventure – and not much else on his mind. The player will follow Jacob’s harrowing journey on a flying highway to the moon, dodging biker gangs, air traffic control, and several Unidentified Flying Objects.

Jacob’s Highway is a top down shooter with a twist: Jacob must stay on the road while dodging bullets and blasting enemies with the various weapons he picks up along the way. The game will feature multiple levels that each have challenging and fun bosses to conquer.

As we move along the development process, we will update with more news, feature announcements, and dev commentary. We may even throw in a few peeks at some concept art!

Expect more, right here, every other Friday.

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