Red Coat Speaks

Red Coat here.

As you may know from the Dramatis Personae, I fill the role of lead designer and expert motivator for Vernacular. In other words, I’m a more useful than average team pet. Quite the responsibility, I know, but someone’s gotta look cute for the end of episode freeze frame.

Yeah, it’s been a ride working with these guys on Jacob’s Highway. Between the tools production, engine development, asset creation, and content generation, I find that I’m always pleasantly surprised by what my cohorts manage to cook up. More importantly, the diligence and dedication they’ve put towards building our projects always brings a smile to this mascot’s face.

I’ll be joining Dragoncoder in posting updates n’ stuff, so for my first post I give you Jacob’s theme.

Until the next update.

Ciao for now.


About Red Coat

Just a Mascot on a Mission
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