Why a Highway to the Moon?

Red Coat here with another of those aforementioned updates.

So you’re probably asking,

“Red, why did you call yourself Red Coat anyway? You don’t sound British.”

To which I reply “Silly goose, Coats are awesome and Red makes things go faster. Why wouldn’t I combine them to make supersonic awesomeness in nomenclative form?”

…That’s not what you asked?

I see.

Well then, I’m going to tell you about why we decided on Highway to the Moon as our first game to run through a full development cycle. (Or at least, as full of one as we can manage)

At the time, we had many ideas, but not very many ways to implement them. We had only a modicum of programming knowledge and a frothing desire to make games. However, in those rare moments of clarity when we wiped the foam from our mouths, we recognized that we would have to start small and develop our proverbial game building chops before tackling any large scale products.

Problem was, most of our ideas were rather large in scope and scale, requiring many hours of technical dev time and (in some cases) armies of skilled artists. We certainly couldn’t do all of them at once, and there were a great many of them that just weren’t all that feasible considering our (at the time) three-and-a-half man team.

So, instead of shrinking any of those ideas down to a manageable level, we looked into the idea of making a game design specifically so that we could make it in a reasonable amount of time with the resources at our disposal.

Several more ideas were developed, ranging from beta ray powered robots to genocidal asparagus, but in the end we settled on one notion. Top Down Schmups are among the simplest of games to make, so why not make one of those?

Still, we couldn’t just make any old schmup. It needed to have something unique about it. Something that let it stand out amongst all the other space and world war shooters in the world. Or at least, something to make people say “I’d buy that for a couple bucks.”

One thing that a lot of top down. scrolling shooters have in common is the nature of the player avatar. Generally speaking they use a space ship, airplane, or a magical girl with magical shooty powers. There are some deviations but these were what we perceived to be the norm at the time.

So, we thought, why not make a game that uses a motorcycle rider as the main avatar. Following this came the concepts of aiming in multiple directions, and using a varying road to keep the player on his toes.

Other time honored traditions of schmup design were to be included as well, because, well, we liked them. Traditions Like big bosses, differing weapon types and super weapons. At any rate, I like these sorts of things, and as team mascot my word is law.

Now that I have finished laughing maniacally.

That’s pretty much how Highway to the Moon came about.

What? What about the whole road going to the Moon thing?

That came from the same place that the publicizing pugilists came from.

What are publicizing pugilists?

You ask too many questions.


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