Highway to the Moon Character Spotlight: Jacob Helaway

You can’t ask a guy like me “why”. I really wanted to fly through the air. I was a daredevil, a performer. I loved the thrill, the money, the whole macho thing. All those things made me Evel Knievel. Sure, I was scared. … But I beat the hell out of death.
–Evel Knievel

A wild man with a knack for getting into trouble. Jake has always loved the thrill of high speed movement and flight. In his youth, he admired the exploits of one Evon Keneval, a man who spent much of his life cheating death while soaring through the air on the back of a bike. Recreating jumps and tricks in his backyard with bicycles and make-shift ramps, Jake had more than his fair share of injuries, breaking his bones on more than a few failed attempts during his formative years. This never deterred him from his passion, always getting back on the bike as soon as his wounds were even moderately healed.

When he got older Jake began to use actual motorcycles to do his stunts. He didn’t know a thing about sponsorships or sanctioned performances so he simply wandered from gas station to gas station performing for anyone who’d watch. It was at one of these gas station performances, that Jake met small time gang leader Alexander Ungers, aka Angry Alexander. Alex was an inventor of sorts, and had formed his gang to acquire wares for his machines and experiments. When he saw Jake make a twelve car jump on an un-modded dirt bike, he presented him a new bike and challenged him to make a jump of double that length with it. Never one to pass up a dare, Jake took the bike and did just that.

Thus began Jake’s career as one of Alex’s top gang members, pulling all sorts of daring feats on tech heists and becoming the crux of many of Alex’s plans. He also served as Alex’s chief guinea pig, always eager to check out a new gadget, and undeterred by the possibility of fatal test repercussions.

Things would change after Alex began to talk of taking on military installations and stealing their wares for his own designs. Something about this change made Jake uneasy, but it wasn’t until after the heist was under way that he realized what it was. Up until this point, they hadn’t lost a man, and were able to laugh about the craziness that happened during their escapades. It didn’t matter if things went wrong, half-way through. Everybody’d get out alright in the end. This time however, barely anyone made it out.

Jake, Alex and the rest of the Unger Max gang were almost completely destroyed in the incident. Jake somehow managed to find his way out of the futuristic firefight taking as many gang members as he could. He got separated from Alex in the process, who escaped by himself to whereabouts unknown.

What remained of the gang was disbanded after that, as Jake took the motorcycle had given him when they’d first met (dubbed The Red Hornet) and set out on the road once more. Since then Jake has been doing freelance work as a stunt driver. He still has a few of the tools from his days as a part of the Unger Max gang though, including Alex’s magnum opus, the Phase Shifter.


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