From Scratch? You Betcha!

Red Coat here with a little more insight on our production methods here at Vernacular Games.

See, down here at Vernacular, one of the things we value is the ability to use and reuse tools, techniques and skills created during the process of any product we make. That and creative freedom of course. These two things taken together result in our modus operandi of production, where most, if not all of our systems, tools and assets are created from scratch.

Take Highway to the Moon for instance. All of the editing tools we used to create that game, as well as its core engine were made in house catering to our needs and design precepts directly. As our first game, the tools we’ve created are geared towards being data driven. In other words the functionality that the code produces is not set in stone, rather the designer or programmer can feed the code data that defines its functionality. 

An analogy? Think of the code as a transforming engine and chassis. Then consider the data as parts that we attach to the engine and chassis to define what kind of vehicle it is. We could turn the engine into a plane if we attach wing and turbine data to the engine and chassis. Conversely, we could make a race car if we attach wheels and nitro data.

Taking it a step further, the tools we create to make changes to the data we feed our core engine could be thought of as the garage(or garages) in which we modify and attach parts to our transforming engine and chassis. 

Yeah, that might have made things more confusing. Anyway the point is, we’re laying the ground work for a full on puzzle piece engine, where functionalities from previous games can be easily  plucked, modified, placed and utilized in later games. Each game we add to our library of creations adds a new set of puzzle pieces to our repertoire, and new mechanics/features that could be appended to future games and tools.

In the end, we here at Vernacular are just looking to make the things we want to make, and, you guessed it, build the games we want to play.

Until next update!


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