Wednesday’s Weapons: The Shotgun

Greetings readers, I’m Armory, intern here at Vernacular games. While I’ve been brought on to help with level design, I’ve been using my lunch breaks to sneak down to the weapon storehouse and play with all the fun guns Jake has at his disposal. Join me on Wednesdays as we take a look at the various Weapon Power Ups in the game.

The Shotgun: Three Barrels Full of Fun, Not Monkeys

The Shotgun is your standard Shoot-Em-Up Shotgun/Spread weapon, firing multiple projectiles. In lore terms, the gun has three barrels, because two was not enough, and four was right out.


 PU_ShotGun: The in-game pickup icon for the shotgun


The shotgun, as held by Jake in-game


The shotgun fires 6 shots in a spread pattern that widens as it heads outward from the player. While each pellet is slightly weaker than the standard gun, the increased number of shots more than makes up for the difference, especially when things get crazy and enemies are everywhere.


Standard mode fires a wall of bullets. Pull trigger, enemies’ families collect insurance policies.


Why discriminate? When you stagger your fire across the screen, everybody dies equally.


 The Super Shot

Every weapon in the game has a special version, that consumes more ammo to provide a much more powerful effect. In the case of the shotgun, instead of just bullets, you get bullets that fire more bullets!

When you fire the special version, 5 orbs are launched from Jacob’s bike that head out and explode in to sprays of bullets. These waves of bullets head towards enemies, so even if you fire in a non-optimal direction, the bullets will make up for your temporary lack of awesome.


 It’s like 5 chocolate eggs, but with bullets inside.



 Who needs to aim when your shots outnumber the enemies more than the girls-to-guys ratio in beach rock anthems?



 “You get a bullet, and you get a bullet…. EVERYBODY GETS A BULLET!”


You can click images to see larger versions.

Thanks for joining me, my boss says if these posts are popular enough, they may let me have an actual lunchbreak! (I kid, I kid, working here at Vernacular is awesome). Check back next week for another weapon.






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