Character Spotlight : Agent Silva


“Time to go to work. ”

The unflappable and experienced agent of alien affairs, a nationally unaffiliated organization that specializes in dealing with intergalactic war, intrigue and diplomacy. Agent Silva is one of Alien Affairs’ more trusted agents, with permissions to make mission changing decisions in the field at her discretion. Be it space pirates, monsters from inside the Earth, or inter-dimensional invaders she meets the challenge with a blithe sort of stoicism, seeming to never be fazed by anything or anyone she encounters.

silva color swatches silva design explorations 2

Agent Silva appears at several points in the game, remaining just long enough to give items and advice, before zooming off. She’s taken an interest in Jake’s pursuit of the Moon Man, curious to see just how long he can survive, and just how many of the Moon Man’s other pursuers he would defeat along the way.

GameEngine 2014-04-21 20-25-06-26

“Don’t waste it Jake!”

Silva is also one of multiple unlockable playable characters in the game. She uses two firing apparatus: One that she carries and always aims forward, and one that is attached to a flying drone that she can aim in all directions, hands free.

GameEngine 2014-04-21 19-49-23-35

“Better to be lucky than good…”

GameEngine 2014-04-21 19-39-35-36

“…But sometimes, good is all you’ve got.”

If you want to unlock her in the final game, try having some fun with the dialogue bubbles Silva creates when she approaches Jake.

Until next time Vernacular faithful!


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