Wednesday’s Weapons: Double Machine Gun

Greetings gentle viewers, I am Armory, and I like guns. I assume you like guns too, because, well, because you’re not a terrible person! Sometimes, a gun isn’t enough; you want a machine gun. Fun historical fact: the term Machine Gun was coined back when people still measured rates of fire in bullets-per-minute, not per-second. How did people live in those days? And what’s better than a machine gun? Two machine guns! ah ah ah. It’s like a date with twins, but the twins can kill a bunch of dudes. Today we take a look at the Double Machine Gun.

 Double Machine Gun:


Weapon Spotlight Frame DMGPU_DoubleGun:The in-game pickup icon for the machine gun.

GUN_ATTACHMENT_DoubleGun:The sprite Jake will hold when the Double Machine Gun is picked up.


The Double Machine Gun replaces Jake’s regular bullet with two bullets, each larger, and purple. Because purple is the color of pimps and Saints, and nothing says pimps and Saints like two machine guns.


Who’s got two machine guns and is riding on a highway to the moon? This guy!



The two shots are good for shooting down missiles with one bullet while still hitting enemies. Because, why choose, when you can kill them both?


 The Super Shot

What could the super shot be on a double machine gun? While we thought about adding more barrels, that’s not very interesting. Instead, the super was implemented as a Sentient Anti-Grav Weapon Platform. Sure, we’re hastening the approach of Skynet, but everyone likes sidekicks, especially when their sidekick is a gun! Plus, and perhaps the most vital benefit this sidekick brings to you , is not saying  ‘Hey, Listen!’

PLAYER_BULLET_DoubleMachineGunSuper: Animation sheet for the Option


 Your option is like your wingman, except he won’t end up going home with the cute one.



 Wave after wave of bullets. Don’ worry, it has no kill-quota shut-off threshold.


The double machine gun is a tactically flexible weapon. The hail of bullets does good damage against bosses, as well as thinning out hordes of small enemies. The super shot provides additional damage, even when Jake is phased out. And if you know anything about video games, you know that DPS is king.

Hail to the King, baby.

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