Feed Back Friday

Hello again Vernacular Faithful

Red Coat here with another update for you all. All of us here at Vernacular are hard at work in preparation for the upcoming Kickstarter, polishing up and generating content for presentation when the time of kicking starts is upon us.

In particular, we’ve been working on a few new sets of demos for you all to try once things get under way. Tonight we’ll be posting one of our levels up on Reddit in the gamedev sub-reddit called Feed Back Fridays (#83). You can find us under the name RedCoatVernac.

Be sure to check out some of the other games there as well. Everyone’s looking for a bit of (constructive) criticism and advice, so every little bit helps. Just remember your reddiquet when you leave a comment.

And now I leave you with another song from Highway to the Moon: Royal Purple.

This is Redcoat, signing off.



About Red Coat

Just a Mascot on a Mission
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