Development Update: Level 2

Hello all!

Red Coat Here. As we push towards our final release month of December, content polish and development has been one of our biggest focuses. We’re going through each level and gauging flow of play and presentation for the final product, and updating everything accordingly.

This week in particular, we’ve been working on the events that happen in Level 2. As you may already be aware, each level in Highway to the Moon takes Jake higher and higher through the atmosphere, until Jake reaches open space and the Moon. Level 2 takes place in the upper and lower stratospheric layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, as Jake is accosted by Bartandelous and the elite members of his air traffic control division.

Desktop 08.22.2014 - 25


Well this bodes well.

At this point, Jake has joined forces with Agent Silva in order to chase down the Moon Man. However, Jake isn’t exactly authorized to be traversing the stratosphere on a motorcycle, so when Bart notices our long haired stuntman making his way up the extraterrestrial highway, he orders his fleet to ground Jake forcefully.   

This level is characterized by its primarily sky bound enemies, with jet fighters, bombers, helicopters and drone planes joining the action, along with military versions of bikers, wheelers, and transport trucks on the highway itself.

This is also the level where the platforming gets a little more challenging, as the sections of road that Jake can stay on become more spaced and erratic, requiring concerted use of Jake’s phase shifter and dash ability to keep from falling off.

Desktop 08.22.2014 - 066

How high up are we anyway?

Midway through the level, after Jake pushes through a good portion of Bart’s forces, Bart calls upon Leader Green and Leader Yellow of Leadersquad for assistance. Some of you may recall this mid-boss from the end of one of the demos we released earlier this year. In this battle Yellow and Green fight Jake at the same time. If one of the leaders is defeated before the other, their partner will go into solo mode, switching up his tactics and becoming markedly more dangerous.

Desktop 08.22.2014 - 044

Tactical Green and Swordtank Yellow

Following this fight, Bartandelous takes a more direct approach to dealing with Jake, riding in on the back of a bomber and laying down waves of force as the remainder of air traffic control’s forces lay down covering support. The rest of the stage is characterized by Bart’s repeated attempts to harry and defeat Jake, going so far as to destroy parts of the road to make traversal a much more difficult affair.

It all culminates in a battle with Bart’s pride and joy, an enormous flying fortress, and an eventual showdown with Bart himself.

Desktop 08.22.2014 - 090

That is one huge hunk of flying metal   

All throughout this level, Jake is rising higher and higher into the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a steadily increasing level of cloud cover, over and under the road. Eventually, the player will barely be able to see the ocean below for the sheer thickness of cloud cover.

So that’s what we’ve been working on with regards to level 2. I can say that I feel it’s coming along rather nicely. If you’d like to hear some of the tracks that will be playing during the level, you can check out the links below.

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Until next time, this is Red Coat signing off.


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