Podcast 19 is up!

Hey there Vernacular Faithful

Red Coat here with an update and another podcast for you. Firstly, final polish of Highway to the Moon continues apace as we prepare for it’s debut on Steam. For those of who are unaware, our first game, Highway to the Moon got greenlit for Steam earlier this year, prompting a quick investigation of the game’s presentation and overall stability. I’m happy to say that things are looking up, and you can expect to be able to purchase the game some time this summer. Keep an eye, as I will be posting updates and information from our polish pass moving forward.

As for today’s podcast, we’ll be investigating the concepts of Visceral and Cerebral engagement and the various things a developer should be aware of when trying to manage their ratios of these engagement types in their game.

You can check it out on:


or Youtube with cliffnotes:



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